Sierra Professional Association


About Us

Jeff Sargo

Sargo, newly elected to SPA's Board, owns Central Heat and Air in Sonora.

Do you need to find a business you can trust?

2018 board Members

Roger Stevens

Stevens, founder of SPA and prominent business owner in Tuolumne County, now serves as SPA's President. 

New SPA Members


All proposed new members of Sierra Professional Association must be recommended by a current member. The person must be of good character and reputation, owns or is the decision maker of a local business, has been in business for at least two years, six months being in Tuolumne County and have a positive community image with the highest quality business ethics and integrity.

We accept only one firm in each business classification and the representatives should be executive in calibre. This makes the business referrals and lead process easier for all members.

Jimmie Nixon

Nixon, who works at Carlson Haff & Associates in Sonora, now serves as SPA's Vice President.

Our Mission

SPA Benefits

The Sierra Professional Association exists for the benefit of its individual members and not for profit. It was organized as a means of personally advertising businesses with other executive businesses in different lines of business, which is admittedly one of the best forms of advertising.


02. Dedicated Members

The Sierra Professional Association is a business organization of men and women dedicated to enhancing business development through the process of direct and indirect leads. All of these information leads are appreciated and it is hoped that members of this organization will do business with each other whenever possible. It is important to remember that business leads and referrals are the strength of the Sierra Professional Association.


03. SPA Purpose

"We are the builders of good will in our community." We, as SPA members, are committed to following up with new customers promptly either by action or a phone call.

Ron Mardirosian

Owner of R & M Painting, Mardirosian has served on the SPA Board one term before also volunteering to serve his third term.